HYMIRE Consulting Services is a consulting firm that offers national, regional, and international strategic support to develop organizational and individual capacity through the provision of organizational change, equity audits, training and coaching, and content services. We build just and equitable worlds reflective of Canada's diverse populations. Since 2013, we have been working at the intersections of community mobilizing and systems change to engage unlikely stakeholders.


Our team is well-positioned to support organizations to improve their organizational efficacy. We specialize in diversity and equity initiatives, change management, strategic plans, training, consultations and evaluations for non-profits (including those with a provincial mandate), academic institutions, government, and public service, in addition to the private and corporate sector.  Our wide breadth of experience means that we can leverage our expertise so that you have all the right tools at your fingertips.


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HYMIRE Consulting Services

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Hawa Yahia Mire

Principal Consultant at HYMIRE Consulting


Hawa Y. Mire has two decades of experience as a proven strategic senior leader focused on high-impact organizational culture change. Hawa has a specialty in anti-racism, particularly anti-Black racism, and the implementation of relevant policies and approaches including experience with the complex nature of Black communities in Canada. In 2017, she completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University where her research examined community storytelling as a place of transformation.  She was previously the co-editor of MAANDEEQ, a collective of young Somali-demics from diverse fields who write about the Somali territories and the Somali diaspora. Her key areas of interest include: oral histories; African feminisms; decolonial knowledge production, Somali diasporas; transnationalisms; memory and imaginaries. She is currently enrolled in the PhD of Social Work Program at York University.


Hawa is a critical writer, commentator and columnist with Ricochet Media that has been featured on Macleans, Briarpatch Magazine, Metro Morning, CBC, CityTV, Rabble among others.  Her creative writing exists in the blurry spaces between oral tradition and the written word, autobiography and myth, past and present, ancestry and spirit.  In April 2015 she co-edited a special issue journal for the Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives's Our Schools, Our Selves titled Constellations of Black Radical Imagining: Black Arts and Popular Education. Her short story series Black Woman, Everybody's Healer was long listed in 2015 for the Jalada African Literature Prize, and is currently in the process of being written as a book-length manuscript.


Other key skills include building strategic partnerships, developing organizational infrastructure and convening diverse stakeholders across municipal, provincial and national spheres. Hawa has consulted and produced knowledge translation tools with advisory committees, presented and delivered non-profit strategy consultations training and facilitation at thousands of locations including institutional advisory bodies, non-profits, post-secondary, justice and health care facilities to grassroots organizations. 


Training & Coaching

Training and coaching is a valuable opportunity to provide a constructive learning environment for complex and nuanced topics. HYMIRE Consulting uses an anti-oppressive framework with a focus on race as well as standardized and customized training opportunities for your organization. In 2020, HYMIRE Consulting provided over 100 training sessions and opportunities for small grassroots organizations and complex national non-profit, government, and for-profit companies. P


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Anti Hate Conversation Series: A Conversation with Hawa Yahia Mire

CASSA's Project Coordinator, Maryam, chats with Hawa Yahia Mire, Equity Consultant. They discuss how to build anti-racist organizations and what can be done to combat online hate. This episode is part of CASSA’s Anti-Hate Conversation Series.

Dismantling Systemic Anti-Black Racism with an Equitable COVID Response & Recovery

To mark Black History Month, the Canadian Labour Congress hosted a discussion on dismantling systemic anti-Black racism through equitable, inclusive response and recovery efforts that support Black workers and communities. Hawa Yahia Mire spoke as part of this panel, you can check it here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=294007925400659&ref=sharing

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